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E-Z Body®

The original E-ZBody® product. Made of a highly durable monofilament mylar and polyester material, your fly tying will be elevated and improved using this insanely durable and versatile product. Both in a normal and Lateral Line color variant, E-Z Body is the best there is in synthetic fly tying material.

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The original in effective fly tying strand material, Bill's Bodi-Braid® is our most popular and versatile outing amongst the E-ZBody® family of products. Choose from either 10 or 30 yards of our quality fly-tying material, available in a variety of colors to help you tie the absolute best flies you can.

Click on the link below to view a a size and color chart of all available  Bill's Bodi-Braid® products we currently produce!

Bill's Bodi-Braid

E-ZBody® Squid Tentacles are made out of a synthetic suede material that is highly durable and readily accepts permanent markers to create a new and highly effective tool to add to your tying toolbox.

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Squid Tentacles

This is for the fly tyer who wants to go MEGA! This is our family of products for our body that goes 3/8" and larger, allowing you to create some truly monster patterns of your own. 


-(original) ez body -ez body LL

-mega body 

-bill's bodi-braid

-squid tentacles


ez body -> small/pearl, large/silver

bill's body braid-> chart with 10y and colors, 30y and colors on the other side